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Two weeks to be exact since my last article was posted.

In today’s article I’m going to go thru few setups which look promising to execute a trade.

And yes. It has been two weeks since I get the chance to trade Gold [XAUUSD].

Low liquidity in Gold is a big NO for me to trade unless your capital can sustain the huge spread that occurred the past two weeks.

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After failing to retain above 1.45-1.46 handle, USDCAD is currently making a pullback.

I’m eyeing to swing long once it touches around 1.35-1.36 price area.


This one looks promising.

I’m still waiting for a nice Buy setup below USD20 for that matter.

Might sound absurd, but with the current lock-down across the globe, supply will definitely exceed demand.

I won’t be surprise if Oil reaches USD10 anytime soon.


Last week, EURGBP fail to settle above 0.94

Currently on pullback and hovering nicely within my swap zone (Previous Sell Zone) and just a few pips to retest the previous Trendline.

Zooming in to the Daily chart, here are my two possible trade plans.

With the current MCO extended to 14th April, stay at home and stay safe everyone.

~ Patience Is King ~

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Disclaimer : Trading comes with a risk. Any material posted in this article are meant for educational purpose only.

p/s : I’m currently placing my trades using Islamic Zero Spread Account under Hot Forex. Open one today.

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